Check all the Clans that have DNA Projects. If your Clan is not in the list there's a way for it to be listed.An amazing collection of unique holiday cottages, castles and apartments, all over Scotland in truly amazing locations.

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Since 1983 the SI has honoured a Scot each year with an award named after the late W Oliver Brown who over many decades contributed a pithy column which was the first item read by many SI devotees. The "Oliver" was first awarded to the author and climber Tom Weir and is now regarded as the Scottish equivalent the "Brits" so-called honours list. The roll call of winners indeed does read as a list of outstanding Scots - Tom Weir, Prof. Derick S Thomson, Ewan Bain, Mary Marquis, David Stephen, Jimmie MacGregor, Muriel Gray, George Rosie, Norman MacCaig, Dr John Purser, Gordon Wright, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Colin Bell, (jointly) James S Adam and Sir Alastair Dunnett, Elspeth King, The Gaberlunzie (Gordon Menzies and Robin Watson), Paul H Scott, Murray Ritchie, Kenneth Roy, and Iain Anderson.