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And that takes us nicely into the continued serialisation, for want of a better expression, of the SNP booklet "Talking Independence"; it is particularly apposite that the subject this week is "Inclusive Nationalism", as the media and Jean -Marie McConnell become obsessed by the voting in France.

A new country Ė the SNPís inclusive nationalism

Isnít nationalism a bad thing?

The opponents of Independence often use the word "nationalism" to mean ethnic strife, intolerance or isolation. Obviously, the SNP rejects any of these as deserving any place in Scotland. Nationalism, like many other political ideas, can indeed be misused, but not when it is founded in democracy and a respect for human rights.

People know that what the SNP promotes is civic nationalism. That means that we believe all who live in Scotland have a valued part to play in our new country, regardless of their place of birth or ethnic background. We pursue our goal by exclusively peaceful and democratic means. Thatís why so many people of different national backgrounds, and large numbers in Scotlandís ethnic minority communities, vote SNP

The SNPís nationalism is about Scotland ending its present isolation, and regaining its place in the international community as a tolerant, outward-looking country.

Will I be a citizen of the new Scotland?

In the context of EU citizenship, the SNP has an open and inclusive approach to citizenship. The automatic right of citizenship will be open by right to all those living in Scotland, all those born in Scotland, and all those with a parent born in Scotland. All others are free to apply, and dual citizenship would be an option. The SNP believes that Scotland is not full up Ė Scotlandís problem is emigration, not immigration. We should therefore welcome the contribution of the new Scots who choose to make this country their home.

What if I don't want to become a Scottish citizen?

Even if a resident of Scotland, as of Independence Day, chooses not to take up Scottish citizenship, he or she will continue to enjoy an unaffected right to residency in the country, and the constitution proposed by the SNP would preclude any laws which sought to remove these rights.

Next week, we move on to income, savings, and what is dear to my heart (at my age) pensions, after Independence; with pensions, we expect a better deal than the Westminster one, where the link with wages was taken away by Margaret Thatcher, and not restored by the present Tory government. (Old Age Basic Pension £75.50 per week - Poverty level £130.00 per week.)

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