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[ Issue 750 - 17th October 2014 ]

Compiled by Margaret Hamilton


Moving On

As I write this I am also preparing a wee talk on the structure of the SNP and how it works for a branch meeting later this week. As of yesterday we now have 223 members. We have had to hire the theatre space at the local high school, just in case everyone wants to come and participate. It is scary but at the same time exciting. Nothing about a branch meeting will ever be the same again, hopefully. Wonder how it will all pan out? What exciting ideas will these new members have?

At the same time there is a 6 hour debate happening at Westminster on what they may grudgingly give us in the way of extra powers. I am intentionally not listening to it as I doubt I have enough strength to endure the way the English MP’s treat us. Already I have read a post on facebook commenting on the patronising, contemptuous and dismissive way the speaker is treating the SNP MP’s. Once again showing they are nothing more than a work initiative for overgrown public school boys rather than one of the more advanced governments leading the way.

My other half and I have been becoming increasingly worried about the mental wellbeing of Gordon Brown as he makes increasingly puzzling statements. This post from the editor on facebook just seems to confirm that he is operating alone and without communication with his party.

Brown in House of Commons just suggested Scottish Parliament gets control of 75% of income tax and 50% of VAT assigned to it. Where has this come from? Is he flying his own kite again?

So, it’s now teatime. The debate seemed to talk more about English votes than about Scottish vows. The Tories honestly seem to think that they have washed their hands of us and Gordon Brown is only worried about the vital Scottish MP’s as bums on seats to get a labour government elected in Westminster. The last time I recall a tirade like the one he gave was from my childhood church minister. He hailed from Northern Ireland originally and if he thought our minds were straying from his sermon he would lean over the pulpit, point and shout very loudly at us. Always found it hysterical.

It’s time we returned SNP MP’s next May and show Gordon that we are not merely puppets to ensure his importance in the world. He is refusing to participate in the committee set up to discuss the way forward as he senses a political stitch up. Well he’s stitched us up often enough so he should recognise one easily enough. Looks like the Tories might just give us what we want if they persevere with EVEL and Gordon Browns prediction is right. How ironic is that? They believe they have thwarted us but they may just give us what we want by having to appease their own back benchers. What a tangle Westminster is in.

Let’s hope the newly awakened Scots stay awake and enlightened and don’t get sidetracked by the many Scots who are setting up splinter groups to satisfy their egos. By all means have high visual demonstrations organised by different groups. Have social events and public meetings everywhere to keep people engaged, but the voter has to stick with the mainstream groups in May. The parties that have proved they can work the political system and get the results that will rattle all the bones sleeping in Westminster.

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Meanwhile the party working hardest for the people of Scotland is still delivering in Holyrood

Fair Work Convention created
FM: we will work closely with STUC to establish fair work leadership body.

A key recommendation of the Working Together Review will be implemented by the Scottish Government, First Minister Alex Salmond announced today.

The Fair Work Convention will be a stakeholder body which will provide leadership on Scottish industrial relations, and which will promote the principles behind fair work. It will encourage dialogue between unions, employers public sector bodies and government.

Full story here

Scottish economy grows 0.9%
A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

Scottish GDP grew by 0.9% during the second quarter of 2014, according to statistics announced today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

The latest Gross Domestic Product release, covering the period April to June, shows that total output in the economy grew by 0.9% compared to previous quarter. On an annual basis, GDP grew by 2.6% compared to the second quarter of 2013.
The services sector, which accounts for nearly three quarters of the economy, grew by 0.9% during the latest period, the production sector grew by 0.3%, and construction output expanded by 3.6%.

The full statistical publication is available at

Powers for a purpose

The First Minister Alex Salmond today called on members of the STUC to make their voices heard through the Smith Commission to ensure that the ‘reality of further devolution matches the rhetoric’ of the referendum campaign.

Last week the Scottish Government published its submission to the Smith Commission making it clear that true home rule for Scotland should include full powers over all domestic spending, including economic levers such as employment policy.

First Minister Alex Salmond
Speaking at the STUC’s major conference, Decent Work, Dignified Lives, the First Minister said that it is clear there is an overwhelming desire in Scotland for change. He also said:

“We want to make Scotland a wealthier and fairer society. And as part of that, we have to ensure that our welfare, employment and taxation powers work in harmony with each other. We seek those powers for a purpose.

“In 1997 Donald Dewar came up with a stroke of genius: he reversed the previous logic of devolution and specified what was to be reserved rather than what was to be devolved. As a result what took five years of fruitless legislation in the 1970s took five weeks to complete its key parliamentary stages in 1998.

“We should now demand the same approach to financial powers. All taxation should be devolved and Westminster paid an allowance for these functions that are left reserved.

“For example, we fund more than 25,000 modern apprenticeships each year, but the savings from lower unemployment benefit go straight to Westminster. Greater powers over welfare and taxation – true home rule within the United Kingdom – would allow us to retain those tax revenues and welfare savings. Scotland would reap the benefits of our social investments.

“The referendum campaign made it clear that there is a massive desire in Scotland for change. We need to ensure that the reality of further devolution matches the rhetoric of the campaign.

“The promise of additional powers for Scotland gives us an important chance to shape Scotland for the better. It is important that the process is as inclusive as possible. So all of the political parties have a responsibility to involve our empowered, engaged and energised electorate. I strongly encourage all of you – as unions and as individuals – to get involved in making your views known to the Smith Commission.”

For more information on the Scottish Government’s proposals to the Smith Commission, please visit:
To view the Scottish Government’s proposal to the Smith Commission please visit:

Scotland’s role in Europe

Fiona Hyslop MSPScotland’s voice in Europe must be enhanced and enshrined in law as part of the additional powers for the Scottish Parliament, External Affairs Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop said today.

The Scottish Government’s proposals include a number of suggestions to further enhance Scotland’s place in the world including Scotland having guaranteed rights to engage directly with EU institutions and a statutory mechanism for Scotland to influence UK policy on broader European matters.

During her speech, Ms Hyslop also spoke about the Scottish Government’s willingness to work constructively within the EU and use the lessons of the Scottish referendum to help re-engage people in Scotland and across Europe.

Full story here




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