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[ Issue 770 - 6th March 2015 ]

Compiled by Fraser Hudghton


On The Verge

Whilst not getting too far ahead of ourselves, the SNP work on the ground in Glasgow must be sending shivers down the Labour Partyís spine.

I tend to veer away from polling in any election predicting complete meltdown on one side - come election day it rarely materialises thus - but the move of the SNP into Labourís core support is tangible and real.

Canvas after canvas is showing real committed backing of the SNP at the expense of the party once recognised as Scotlandís own.

Gone are the days of unflinching loyalty to a party whose roots stretch deep into Glasgow and Dundeeís past. Scotlandís urban and industrial heritage, and the politics it gave birth to, is testament to the longevity of the labour movement and its legacy. Back then, that Labour stood for working men and women wasn't in question.

Somehow along the line Labour lost their way. Come the television age, the drift of that party from working class hero to a political vacuum which stands for little is complete. Or will be should their worst nightmare take place in May.

If in north Glasgow, the former engine house of the city, Labour fall to the SNP, then we are witnessing the birth of a new era in Scottish politics.

Post-referendum I touched on a similar subject - noting that just as the SNP are marching onwards into Labours urban heartlands then we need to change our message to secure the rest of Scotland which in many cases voted for the status quo.

This remains the case but experienced nationalist campaign teams across the country - many having built enormous SNP majorities over decades - will provide a formidable barrier to any resurrection of old unionist foes.

As it stands, with the potential for new SNP MPs elected in May in areas once thought of as no-goes and a female First Minister in Scotland taking real action to guarantee gender parity in political chambers, our transformation into the modern north European country we always wanted to be will be very real.

Editor's Comment

My attention was drawn to a website called Electoral Calculus, copyrighted to Martin Baxter, while Fraser was writing his piece so it seems right to comment on it here.

This website predicts some scary results. It seems there are still areas of Scotland where Labour just cannot be driven out. Two in Fife and the rest in some of Glasgow and surrounding areas. As someone who pays some attention to what is being said in Westminster I find it hard to believe that some of these people still get elected. Some of the other M.P.ís predicted to be returned I have never heard of. One has to presume that they are hard working locally, but then again I am reminded of the leaflet from my youth when James Halliday (SNP) stood against Willie Hamilton (Labour) circa 1970.

Willie Hamilton says If the Labour Party put a turnip up as a Labour Candidate in West Fife it would be returned to Parliament with a 20,000 majority. (taken from SNP leaflet).

Sadly we still have to bear this in mind. While the SNP have been gaining solid ground in some areas, there are still many too close to call. I am glad to see, through social media, that there are large groups of SNP activists campaigning every weekend as well as weekday evenings. We cannot take polls for granted. Humans are delicate wee things that often take fright on polling day. We need to nurture the ones that are wakening to reality.

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